Why savvy investors are making their decision on Principal Garden

Another aspect is the fact that this facility offers pocket friendly prices with a parcel of land priced around 820 dollars per square foot which is too friendly considering its location and all amenities available and the rate at which the land is expected to appreciate being high. With the rate of appreciation of this land any investor cannot think twice about grabbing this golden opportunity to make an extra coin after a duration of a few years or even less
Perhaps the developers profile speaks for itself and is yet another reason why this is a project destined for greatness.UOL is an award winning residential developed company well known for its excellent  development structures. Therefore there is no doubt that anyone purchasing their products is guaranteed of success in it hence the need for investors to grab the opportunity fast.
The nature and design of this development cannot be over emphasized. UOL seems to have dedicated enough time and effort in coming up with this project and anyone would come to a conclusion that this not an ordinary structure but an out of this world design that seems to catch attention of any viewer at first sight. Before the decision is made, usually investors will visit www.principalgarden-uol.info/ and make details understanding on its layout and pricing structure.

Nanshan Group – New Kid On The Block In Singapore Real Estate

Nanshan Group, an established name in mainland China, set its first foot in Singapore, bidding high price for a government land sales.  Thomson Impressions, their first baby, is here to promise to deliver top quality finishes and fittings.  Even Thomson Impressions layout is efficiently designed to maximum the space.  A sneak preview of www.thethomsonimpression.com.sg is found here.


How to Buy or Hunt for New Singapore District 20 Condo Launches? Insider Information on Good Deals and Price Check

What do you look for when you are hunting for your dream home? Accessibility? Proximity to good schools? A stress free environment and high standards of living? Well, all that and more is combined here at Thomson Impressions.

Situated a stone’s throw away from Bright Hill MRT Station, the Thomson Impressions aspire to redefine the idea of luxurious living in Singapore. The spacious and well ventilated condominium units provide the perfect amalgamation of living comfort and modern amenities. They adhere to the highest standards of luxury and comfort. Thomas Impressions has come up in one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in Singapore along the Sin Ming Avenue, and the units are now open for preview booking. Here are five reasons why Thomson Impressions can be the perfect home for you and your family. You can check in details from www.thethomsonimpression.com.sg

1. Luxurious lifestyle

The condominiums will provide a serene atmosphere within its gated environs along with all modern amenities. Thus you can unwind after a stressful day in a place you can truly call home. They can be the place where you unwind away from the stress of your daily work, amidst the lush green lawns and the well kept grounds. www.blackstudentsunited.com

2. Great accessibility and connectivity

Thomas Impressions is located in an area which is well connected by both buses and the MRT. The Bright Hill MRT Station is hardly 500 metres away. Major arterial roads and bus routes also pass through the area. Hence, connectivity to work places or any other place for that matter is not something that you will have to worry about.

3. Proximity to educational institutions

The condos are located close to a number of esteemed primary schools. Thus you dont have to break your head over getting your kids to school in time. Some of the reputed educational institutions located in the vicinity are the Ai Tong Primary School, Raffles Institution, Nanyang Polytechnic and Anderson Junior College.

4. Access to amenities

Thomson Impressions are located very close to a number of super markets and other multi-purpose arcades. Eateries, cafes, banks, movie halls, plazas- a number of them are around in the vicinity. In fact the Thomson Plaza and Junction 8 malls are located very close. Thus you will not run out of entertainment options in the weekend. AMK Hub is also located quite close by. There is no dearth of options waiting to be explored out here.

5. Entertainment Options

One important factor that makes Thomson Impressions such a desirable property is the multitude of entertainment options located near it. There are the Singapore Island Country Club, AMK Swimming Complex and the Toa Payoh Golf Range to choose from. Several other options like the Bishan Park, Bishan Public Library and lower Pierce Reservoir are also there to choose from. So there is something for everyone ranging from an amateur golfer to a bibliophile.

Thomson Impressions seek to build homes for you, not just buildings. Here you can have the true sense of luxurious living without having to compromise with any of the necessities. So, hurry and book your unit today. You can check out the Thomson Impressions brochure for further details. We hope you find your dream home with us.